The Eureka Approach

The EUREKA THERAPEUTICS® approach to fighting solid tumors, such as liver cancer, is to develop multiple potential treatment options for patients by cultivating a deeper understanding of your specific type of cancer.

T-cell Therapies Have Great Potential to Cure Cancer

Recently approved CAR-T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cell) therapies have demonstrated the ability of engineered T-cell therapies to cure certain forms of blood-based cancers previously thought to have very poor prognosis. The next frontier is to develop engineered T-cell therapies to tackle solid tumors by designing T cells to target only cancer cells as well as penetrate and survive in the solid tumor microenvironment.


Your T Cells Engineered to Fight Your Specific Type of Cancer

Eureka is accomplishing this by harnessing the power of your very own immune system and combining it with our cutting-edge technology platforms, E-ALPHA® and ARTEMIS®,  to develop innovative immunotherapies for the treatment of solid tumors.


E-ALPHA helps your T cells to “seek” out your specific type of cancer, by endowing your engineered T cells with the ability to recognize cancer cells in your body.


ARTEMIS (Antibody Redirected T cells with Endogenous Modular Immune Signaling) helps your T cells to “destroy” your specific type of cancer, by allowing your engineered T cells to infiltrate the tumor and kill cancer cells.

After collecting your T cells in a process similar to a blood donation, we engineer them by leveraging our E-ALPHA® and ARTEMIS® technologies.

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Clinical Trials

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